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Manpower Excellence is one of the key attributes for a sustained performance. Our team consists of experienced and internationally qualified Engineering, Software and Marketing Professionals entrusted with crucial operative responsibilities. To effectuate efficient and quick decision making, we believe in an informal code of interaction and our reporting styles function both vertically and laterally.

The management of the Company rests with:


Dr. R. Ishwar, PhD (Italy)

A Techno-commercial expert by profession, he was based at Italy for over 24 years. He has had extensive experience both in academia and Italian Industry as a Technology expert. He has been actively involved in sourcing technologies form European Nations for the Asian Markets. Dr. Ishwar has been keenly involved in locating New Sustainable Technologies and Export Markets - both Industrial and Consumer. Renewable Energy, International Technology Transfers, Collaborations and Export Marketing are his major areas of interest. He is Director on the boards of several Indian Companies.

email: ishwar@polyglotgroup.com