= Polyglot


With the Indian Governmental Policies opening up and Imports being liberalized ,Foreign merchandise such as state-of-the-art machinery and other goods can be brought into India freely. On the other hand, exports and import of various commodities are now being even more encouraged. Polyglot, envisages identification , export and import of the latest technological advances in the form of machinery into India and also help boost sale of Indian made products overseas.

Turn-Key Project Consulting Includes:

  • Project Identification and Conceptualization
  • Technology Transfers and Technology Absorption
  • Evaluation based on Transfer of Technology Laws
  • Technocommercial Feasibility Studies
  • Liaison Coordination with Technology Source
  • TechnoFinancial Evaluation with Indian & International Financial Institutions
  • Training of Personnel in Transfer of Technology
  • Liaison with Governmental Agencies
  • Assessment of Machine Yields & Man Machine Integration
  • Equipment Fabrication
  • Revamping/Debottlenecking of Plants with Technical Audit
  • Technocommercial Rehabilitation of Sick Units
  • Revival Packages & Turnaround Solutions
  • Joint Venture Advisory Services
  • Assessment of Patent Laws & Applicability in India
  • TQM Total Quality Management Concepts including ISO 9000
  • Market Surveys and Market Research including Niche Market Identification
  • Export Marketing and Pricing Strategies
  • Utility Surveys, Competitor Analysis and Product Substitution Studies
  • Product Mix Selection and Assessment of Product Life Cycle